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1. What is the bench strength of students in the course?
10-15 Members in a group

2. This course is beneficial only if I go for my future as a Yoga teacher.
No. today the most precious asset is health. Learning yoga practices makes you healthy ant fit till you take your last breath. Knowledge of yoga makes you and your family fit and healthy which is very difficult at least in the present. This program gives you an additional opportunity to set up your career as yoga teacher it doesnít mean that this is the barrier.

3. Do you provide a TTC handbook?

4. Can a fresher join this course?
Yes! We donít filter people as they are beginner or already associated with similar courses. Everyone is invited. Our course covers A to Z yoga practices so it does not make any impact wether person is beginner or proverbial with yoga.

5. If there is any policy to get my fee back in case I donít continue the course?
The course fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Since we have limited seats for every session. Once a booking has been made we are bound to say no for other students and in this scenario if any of the students cancel his enrollment is a loss to the institutions. To avoide such instances we have a policy not to refund money once seat is booked.

6. What is the authenticity of this course?
Our Institute is registered with Yoga Alliance International. Successful completion of the course makes students able to teach yoga worldwide.

7. What type of yoga being taught?
All general branches of yoga, e.g. Hatha yoga and Shivananda Yoga.

8. 100% attendance is a must?
100% attendance is mandatory. Every single day is crucial. The program is designed in a pattern where every day is an important lesson. You will not be eligible to get the certificate in case you are short with your attendance. Any of the students will be allowed for the leave if there is any medical reason or any emergency.

9. What will be the teaching pattern for this course?
We have a well structured teaching pattern to cover the maximum. Teaching practice commences from very first day. It covers basics of yoga sciences or foundation of the program whatever you want to say u can. Along with the verbal classes you would be facilitated with physical exercises in the open class.

10. What is the experience criteria needed for the admission?
We donít need any specific experience to join the program. since yoga is not pure academics it is a combination of physical and spiritual exercises, which does not need any field experience any one from any work area can join the program without pre learning.

11. from where I will get study material for the course?
Normally we provide study materials from our own. But still if you feel to buy more books on yoga and other related subject will suggest you. Further to this if you have any book on this subject you can carry that with you.

12. What will be the accommodation and food charge during the course?
Accommodation and food charges are not inclusive with the course. You need to arrange food or stay facility. Yes we help our students for safe accommodation and food arrangements. Reason behind not providing accommodation and food services are, since our students are from different reasons with different culture and have different food likes and unlike. Some are vegetarians and some non-vegetarians. It is very difficult to provide food for all students according to their liking. Hence we have left it up to students only to have it outside. If any of the students need our assistance for this we are happy to help. We can facilitate them by food and stay at their special request with additional payments for these facilities. Since there are lots of accommodations and food stores are available so need not to worry.

13. What are the articles we need to have during yoga classes?
For yoga verbal classes you need a note book and a pen. Other than that for the physical exercise you need a mat and some pair of cotton cloths. We provide you yoga mat which is charged at its reasonable price.

14. Is there any chance to join your institute as a yoga teacher once I complete my course?
Ofcourse Yes! We let some of our students who we find suitable to work as teachers and assistant teachers for our TTC program

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